Children at Weddings

There is always the time old question of whether you should allow children at your wedding or not. I’ve been to many weddings where children are causing chaos and guests are getting frustrated. But I’ve also been to weddings where a child can be the star of the show. If the bride and groom want children at their wedding then that’s their choice and not for guests to grumble about but what about only having selected children at your wedding? If there are children at the wedding I’ve listed a few things you may want to do to keep them entertained.


Child friendly things to do at weddings

  • Wedding crèche- there are companies that will come in and run a crèche session for you.
  • Get them involved- If they’re your children or close to you give them roles to do. Could they give out the order of service, give out confetti, give out gifts. This will make them feel important and hopefully keep them on their best behaviour.
  • Activity Packs- make or buy some activity packs for the children to do during the meal. Like the sort of thing you get in a restaurant. You can even make them wedding related.
  • Magician- Get a magician to look after the kids during the meal and then use him to do some early doors close up magic for evening guests
  • Sweet Cart- get the kids hyped up on sweets. Great idea. Said no one ever.
  • Bouncy Castle/ Outdoor Games- Something for the kids to do and use some of the energy that they’ve got from eating all of the sweets. Just make sure that these are safe and always supervised.
  • Snuggle Corner- bring some duvets and pillows and put them in a quiet corner somewhere in the venue so that when the children get tired in the evening they can fall asleep whilst the adults carry on the party.


  1. Your own children

Well as it’s your wedding day I imagine most people would want their own children at their wedding. But does this mean you then have to invite everyone else’s child to your wedding? No. Your children are your children and if you want them at your wedding they are more than welcome to be there. If they’re the only children you want there that’s fine. They’re your children. If you don’t want your own children there then that’s fine too. If you’re a Gavin and Stacey fan you’ll know that Nessa didn’t want her son at the wedding because she watched her own mother marry 9 times. It’s your wedding so it’s your choice. Don’t let anyone else tell you other wise.


  1. Close family members children

If you sister has a child and you want them at your wedding then obviously you can go ahead and do it but if you want the rule to be no children then that’s your rule don’t make exceptions or compromises no matter how close. If you don’t have children but just want to let close family members bring children again that’s fine. Your 2nd cousin twice removed that you’ve invited to the evening do cant moan that your niece that you see several times a week is there and their child that you’ve never met isn’t allowed. It’s your wedding, you (or your family) are paying and you want the people that you want there.


  1. No children

Having no children at your wedding is perfectly fine. If it upsets someone then they have long enough to sort out childcare or they can’t come. It’s your day and you’re paying. Don’t let people make you feel guilty about your choices.


  1. Babies

If one of your closest friends has got a 12 week old baby and really wants to come to your wedding but you’ve set a no children rule then you should consider why you’ve said no children. If you don’t want to hear crying all day then maybe they should try and get someone else to look after the baby, but if it’s just because you don’t want children running around causing mayhem then maybe a baby is no harm. Again as a couple it is your choice.



So hopefully this will help you if you’re worried about whether you should or shouldn’t have children at your wedding and if you are there’s some little tips to try and make the children enjoy it.